Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Thinking of buying a new boat in Canada? Then make sure it has a Hull Identification Number (HIN) that is required to be attached or imbedded in the hull by the manufacturer.

All boats with or without a motor that are imported into Canada or built in Canada after August 1, 1981 are required to have a HIN. The character of the HIN must be at least 6mm (1/4 in) in width and height. The HIN will help find stolen or recalled boats and it must be permanently marked on the outside upper right hand corner of the transom at the rear of the boat or as near to that location as is reasonably possible. A HIN is 12 digits long beginning with the Manufacturer’s Identification Code (MIC). Here is an example from Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide:

HIN: ABC2AB41G203. The MIC is ABC. The hull number is 2AB41. The construction start date is G2 and the Model Year is 03.